WWII Dorset stories wanted – urgently please
– it is so very important that these details are recorded and not forgotten –
I am very keen to make a note of all of your memories and stories
please contact me John Jolliffe (MA, MBC PG Dip)

 telephone 07904402223

*See EMAIL link below


I can visit you where you live
or we can meet at a place of your choice or café or wherever – or one I choose, if you wish, where we will be private

I will pay all of your expenses whatever they are

* These may be memories that you have heard from your parents or other relatives

My family were intimately involved in wartime Dorset & the D-Day landings.

no matter how long the story – or how brief – even just a single description of some event or some small item – such as a ration book that you may have to show me – nothing is too small – and all of this can be recorded.


*regarding anonymity of sources.

Anonymity will be the automatic and default policy for these true stories.
*Unless otherwise stipulated.
*And also – if requested can be added to a specific reference section.

I have spent decades as an officially registered therapist operating and proficient in confidentiality.

Where I have drawn information from previous registered publications

those references will be given, as is standard academic procedure.


Please contact me

John Jolliffe 07904402223

My personal website:



John Jolliffe 07904402223

My personal website: