The New Forest

✪ The New Forest

The New Forest is primarily in Hampshire, and doesn’t extend into Dorset itself – but it adjoins the county of Dorset and is the local forest one would go to from Dorset. It is also the place where one can see the very moving War Memorial to The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division – many of whom would visit Bournemouth, Dorset and the surrounding areas – in the early 1940s – when they had some time out. Many got to know the local people, in various ways. The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division were a major force that took part in the D-Day landings June 6, 1944 (landing at Juno Beach), alongside the British (Gold and Sword Beach) and the US (Omaha and Utah Beach).

Bournemouth – was the central place of registration for all these troops. In 1974 – the county borders were changed – Bournemouth having originally been in Hampshire – was placed within the new boundary for Dorset.