Spirit of the Horse.

The Higher Spirit.

The horse has a truly amazing spirit. One person who has learnt to know the horse – is Monty Roberts – and has revolutionised our understanding with this wonderful animal.

Since a teenager I had an interest in Tai Chi, Taoism and meditation. Sometimes feel there is a link with that and with The Way of the Horse. I hope to expand on this on this website at a further date.


Monty Roberts – was born May 14, 1935 – Marvin Earl Roberts. He worked out the way horses communicate with each other – his understanding of this ‘language’ he called Equus.

He had a way with horses – a sensitivity – that some might say was unparalleled in terms of communicating with the horse – not only in their own language – body language – but with his very understanding of where the horse is coming from – an extraordinary insight and empathy with horses.

He points out – that they also have an extraordinary understanding of humans – they can read us to such a fine degree – and we had never imagined the true extent of this.

Even now – people find it hard to believe the degree of sensitivity that horses have with their capacity to read us.

It is of course the underlying basis of how horses are able to help human beings in a therapeutic relationship. It is their awareness and sensitivity – that facilitates our learning about ourselves.

I think it is fair to say – that he is a friend of the Queen.

She had invited him over to Windsor Castle to teach her and others his understandings. The Queen of course having been brought up with horses all her life. She was quick to understand the extraordinary value of this man – and he claims – that it was the Queen herself who urged him to write a book about his enlightened horse training methods. Anyway it could be said – that she inspired him with the confidence to write his first book –

and it was called The Man Who Listens to Horses.