*AT THIS TIME – this WEBSITE is still under construction and being developed.

The historical story of D-Day-Dorset – has now moved from this site – to its own purpose-built website entitled – D-Day-Dorset – see link below


all the details of   ‘D-Day-Dorset’  will eventually be moved to the new website – whilst all further details that are being ongoingly added – will only be seen on the  D-Day-Dorset wewebsite.

*Nevertheless some of the best contacts – with stories of this time in Dorset had come through this Easy Jeep website.

There will be some occasional updates in the sections ……

‘New Forest & Horses’, and ‘Dorset Journal’

SEE CONTACT PAGE – FOR BRINGING YOUR STORIES – which I’m very keen indeed to hear what ever they are. They may be stories about horses – or about Dorset in the early 1940s – I have found that some of the stories – that I have been told – have amazingly linked up with other stories in various ways. Stories about horses – are relevant to the Easy Jeep site – stories about Dorset in the early 1940s – are relevant to D-Day Dorset website.

As well as on the Contact Page – I am giving my
contact details here on the Homepage as well:

John Jolliffe (MA, MBC PG Dip)
Telephone (07904) 402223

See EMAIL link just below


some of the articles – relevant to Dorset in World War II – that are on this website – are being transferred gradually to a new website called D-Day Dorset.
Thus there will now be two websites – Easy Jeep & D-Day Dorset

*you can find a link to D-Day Dorset – just below:

There is now a link to the D-Day website as follows: www.d-day-dorset.uk

My interest first began regarding D-Day Dorset – after hearing true stories related to me about the trauma that some soldiers had experienced at that time – who had left from the coast of Dorset.

This led me to discovering further the absolutely phenomenal – almost unbelievable story that it all was – and what an amazing role – and in a number of areas a central role – that Dorset undertook.

This will be seen in my further writings.

*On some Sundays – I can be seen with my grey Jeep Wrangler around 2 PM or later at Viewpoint – in Poole – which of course overlooks the historic Poole Harbour – with its Brownsea Island – and where vast numbers of craft and assault craft (Landing Craft Assault) – left in the early hours of Tuesday, June 6, 1944 – to land on the beaches of Normandy.

Any stories that you have of those you knew – that took part – will be very welcome. As well as stories generally relating to Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth and other areas of Dorset during World War II.

My Jeep Wrangler is easy to spot – is a grey two-door version – with Easy Jeep written on the bonnet – and also D-Day-Dorset on the front and back – which is clearly visible.

This link is also seen further down.

There is not yet an arrangement for meeting up for JEEP DRIVERS – but this will come about – and any suggestions from anybody will be very much appreciated.


one is called Easy Walker – the link is as follows: https://www.meetup.com/Easy-Walker/

and the other is called Sister of Easy Walker http://meetup.com/Sister-of-Easy-Walker-Easy-Walker-123-walks/

These are walks that range from Highcliffe, Bournemouth to Upton Heath –

Some walks further out in the countryside in The New Forest and further West in Dorset are to be engaged occasionally – will be developed in 2019.


This website will provide some stories and details of horses in Dorset and The New Forest, details of Jeep Wranglers, the history of the Jeep, and mention of two specific walking groups. Along with descriptions and stories about horses, and even accounts of their amazing ability to help victims of trauma. There will also be details to and a link to a writing group called

‘Paperback Writer’.

D-Day Dorset
was once a major early theme on this site –
but this is now transferred to a
website specifically for this story


this new website will be describing the incredible and amazing stories of this time, and it’s preparations for, what is considered by many to be – its central role for D-Day – June 6, 1944 – which was considered to be one of the, if not the greatest invasion in the history of the Earth.

*See the section CONTACT – in this website regarding stories Dorset World War II urgently required.
Also – stories required for this Easy Jeep site about horses – rescue horses, and horses that help with trauma.

all relevant material for Dorset World War II will be transferred to the new website, and all new material added here –
will be relevant to the site
Easy Jeep

**Stories are now coming in regarding these times in Dorset – from people in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wareham, Swanage and Weymouth (towns on or close to the South Coast of Dorset), and also other areas.

The D-Day Dorset website will also tell about The American 1st Infantry Division (also known as The Big Red One – due to the red coloured ‘1’ shown at the top of the arm of the uniform). They were based notably in Swanage and surrounding areas.
And also The American 29th Infantry Division (also known as the ‘Blue and Gray’).

These Divisions – were ultimately spread out all over – wherever they could be housed and accommodated – in such areas as Swanage, Bournemouth, Canford Heath, Portland, Weymouth, and various other places in Dorset.

AUTHENTIC STORIES – some from direct experience (although becoming very few now of course regarding the age) – others related by the children or friends of those who did experience these events. In some cases – their parents or relatives kept journals. And further – some of the children of these military people have returned to visit the places where their forebears were based and trained for D-Day. This would be to visit the places of their fathers and their mothers – all who contributed so much – and in many cases were left injured or traumatised, and in other cases gave the ultimate price – for this Island – and Europe.

Some of these stories will be published on this website – but the names – will be pseudonyms.

Just the story will be preserved. Certain contributors may want to be listed with details – and a section for this will be provided.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me – even if you can only assist with one or two hours a month. Things I might need assistance with – in research – could be looking up things up on the Internet – going to libraries – heritage museums – other museums – with specific questions I might want you to ask – or various other places with questions to ask – and questions you yourself might come up with from your own initiative which could well help very considerably – and even to take some photographs of places etc.

*regarding anonymity of sources.

The next story – which will be placed in Articles – in D-Day Dorset – ‘Air Raid on Bournemouth May 23, 1943’ – has been documented before – but these particular incidents in the article to be produced for this site – have never been documented regarding that day – or in the way that I might relate them – and these descriptions will only have pseudonyms and not the actual names of any persons concerned.

This article will be completed sometime in November 2018.

Pseudonyms – will be the automatic and default policy for these true stories.
Unless otherwise stipulated.

My very many years work as a therapist has influenced this approach. My personal website address can be seen in the Contact section – regarding my previous therapy work – which overall spanned 25 years. Obviously there is an issue for some visitors to the site therefore on the veracity of the stories. All I can offer – is that I can attest from my own assessment to the accuracy of the stories. I myself am frequently able to cross check numerous details – and regarding the most recent story that will appear on this site – I have been able to backup the accuracy of a whole range of details from a crosscheck from more than one source. I have spent decades as an officially registered therapist and working with trauma – operating and proficient in confidentiality and aware of the need of it  – and as I say the sources that I receive will be kept anonymous – unless otherwise stipulated. Where related information has been drawn from previous publications – those references will be provided, which is standard academic procedure. Suppliers of information and stories – can though if they wish leave their references with me – and they will be listed – and if anybody contacts me wanting to discuss anything on those issues – I can pass it onto those concerned. JJ

I have of course – an account with ‘The Forces War Records‘.


On Easy Jeep – a special section will be developed for JEEP WRANGLERS regarding modern times. Of course – the original jeeps were everywhere in Dorset during World War II.

A CLUB/ASSOCIATION OF SORTS WILL BE STARTED. It will include issues with modern JEEP WRANGLERS – maintenance of and the attainment of various replacement parts. Occasional and periodic regular meetings to take place. This aspect to the Easy Jeep website will be developing throughout the latter part of 2018 & throughout 2019.
There will be provision for comments from those associated with the club.

THOSE INTERESTED IN THE CLUB/ASSOCIATION – where it is intended that we meet occasionally and also at regular points throughout the year – CALL ME JOHN 07904402223

It is not intended for it to be a large club – but a modest club – with a light and fun atmosphere.

*THERE HAS BEEN A VERY SIGNIFICANT RESPONSE TO STORIES REGARDING MEMORIES OF WORLD WAR II DORSET.” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” google_fonts=”font_family:Merriweather%3A300%2C300italic%2Cregular%2Citalic%2C700%2C700italic%2C900%2C900italic|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal”][vc_column_text 0=””]

My Jeep Wrangler in The New Forest – near Rhinefield

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The large open spaces of the New Forest make for some of the very best horse riding to be found anywhere in Britain, with miles of open heath stretching out into wonderful views, ancient woodland with dappled clearings, green boggy bits and close-cropped grass lawns which are great for a brisk canter. The Forest is also filled with wildlife and, of course, the New Forest ponies busy grazing.

The Jeeps and Horses go back to offer you rugged adventures, forest history, nature, geology and panoramic views.

Ponies in the New Forest

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